I need a new website. Where do I start?


We work together to discover and identify the desired results or goals and the problems or challenges you need to overcome. Whether it's about developing a strategy for launching a new website, a new service or evaluating a new technology, we work with you to achieve the desired results and get your projects off to a good start.

Services offered

We work with you teams to discover and document problems and goals in order to fully understand the decisions you need to make. This allows us to turn all this information into a concrete action plan that will get the approval of everyone on your team.

Some of the services offered :

Content strategy

  • Content architecture
  • Content inventory and analysis
  • Functionality inventory and analysis and their specifications
  • Wireframing
  • Content migration planning
  • Publication flows, roles and editorial change adjustments

Project planning and architecture

  • Project definition workshops
  • Phase-by-phase implementation plan

Our strategists will guide you through all of the planning and architecture stages of your site and work closely with your teams to ensure that your plans are properly implemented.

More than theory

We worked on big websites and our experience allowed us to see the traps coming. We can help you avoid them.

Collaborative approach

We effectively coordinate communications between developers, art direction, user experience specialist, publishers, etc. A plan also serves as a foundation for communications and decision-making.

More than content

Content management is more than a form to fill in, it's an integral part of your company. We make sure that the tools in place integrate well with your content publishing workflow and the needs of your organization.